Collection: Bachelor's Degree Graduation Hoods - Academic Hoods

Collection: Bachelor's Degree Graduation Hoods - Academic Hoods

About Bachelor's Graduation Academic Hoods and what they symbolize

Bachelors degree academic hoods are a piece of the garment worn around the neck and covering the back and shoulders. They usually have colored lining and, at times, have colored edges. Academic hoods for bachelors are often worn during university ceremonies, by professionals during industry meetings or conferences, and teachers at the school meetings. The graduation hoods are worn over a gown and kept in place for its elegant design and shape details. They are made of different fabrics, which offer excellent attention to style, color, and details arrangement. Graduates or teachers may wear academic hoods, depending on the education level and the study course.

Modern academic hoods generally consist of four distinct and different components as follows: The outer fabric (outside the hood). The edge of velvet that runs along the outer fabric edge. The satin field that forms the inner shell of a hood. A chevron which divides the satin field color, if necessary (because of the colors of the school, you have got two grades etc.

The bachelors degree level is communicated by the shape and length and of the hood. The hood of a bachelor is three feet long and has a simple shape that means it only has liripipe or tail and cowl. Initially, the cape had a fully rounded shape on the bottom, but now it has flattened curvature on the bottom of a cape. There are crescent-shaped cutouts on a trailing edge of the liripipe for the degree and master academic hoods. This shape is repeated, on the cutout, on the bottom of the sleeves of the gown of the master.

Many academic hoods have all the colors you may imagine. These various colors are used like symbols of the specialty or academic level of a student. There are particular standard practices which are based on the qualifications obtained. Medical doctors usually wear green, whereas psychologists have one which is adorned with gold. The interior of the hood has the field color and can have one or even more chevrons that represent all the colors of the school. Sometimes universities can do this every year to change their colors. There are those universities which have their bachelors university academic hoods traditions.

There are schools which use academic hoods to indicate the school or discipline from which they graduated. Since there are some schools which are large enough, they require a separate hood for every type of graduation. This will make the graduation ceremony of the school to be very colorful, with the rainbow of academic hoods representing every area of learning.

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