Collection: Preschool / Kindergarten Cap & Gown Packages

Collection: Preschool / Kindergarten Cap & Gown Packages

Preschool / Kindergarten Graduation Cap & Gown Packages

Make graduation day from Pre-K or Kindergarten special by choosing real caps and gowns from GradationAttire. Designed from tough and durable 100% matte fabric, our craftsman have designed these small versions of adults gowns to last year after year.

Choose from a rainbow of colors, from soft pastels to bright jewel tones, to match your class or school colors. Pair with a solidly constructed cap to complete the look and feel of a real graduation ensemble that parents and students will remember for years to come.

Tassels attached to the top of these smaller mortarboard caps allow students to carry a memento home to remember their special day.

GraduationAttire's Kindergarten, Pre-K, and Daycare Caps and Gowns feature:

  • Soft, comfortable, and durable 100% matte fabric
  • A full, separating front zipper, which makes it easy for students to get ready without full assistance
  • Caps feature a soft and stretchy elastic band to provide a secure fit

Tip: Use school or daycare colors or choose one color for girls and another for boys.