Collection: African Kente Stoles & Sashes

Collection: African Kente Stoles & Sashes

Kente stoles and sashes are beautiful and colorful pieces of clothing with cultural significance. Here are some key facts and information consumers should know about Kente stoles and sashes:

  1. Kente cloth is a type of silk and cotton fabric that is woven by hand in Ghana. The cloth is made up of narrow strips that are sewn together to create a larger piece.

  2. The word "kente" comes from the Akan language of Ghana, and it means "basket." The name refers to the cloth's resemblance to the weaving patterns found in traditional baskets.

  3. Kente cloth has a long history in Ghana, where it has been used for centuries in important ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, and other cultural events.

  4. Kente stoles and sashes are often worn by graduates in the United States and other countries as a way to celebrate their academic achievements. They are also worn by members of fraternities and sororities as a symbol of their affiliation.

  5. The colors and patterns on Kente stoles and sashes have symbolic meanings. For example, red is often associated with passion and strength, while blue is associated with peace and harmony.

  6. Kente cloth is traditionally worn by both men and women in Ghana. However, in the United States and other countries, Kente stoles and sashes are most commonly worn by women.

  7. When purchasing Kente stoles and sashes, it is important to consider the source and authenticity of the cloth. Supporting Ghanaian artisans and purchasing authentic Kente cloth can help to preserve this important cultural tradition.

  8. Kente cloth has inspired many contemporary fashion designs, and it is now worn by people of all backgrounds and cultures around the world.

  9. Kente stoles and sashes are a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate academic achievements, cultural heritage, and personal style. Whether you choose an authentic handwoven Kente stole or a mass-produced version, wearing a Kente stole or sash is a way to honor the rich cultural traditions of Ghana and celebrate your own accomplishments.

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