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Graduation Tassels for Sale - 2019 College & High School Tassels

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Graduation Tassels that stand for excellence

The essential graduation accessory to wear with your cap and gown. Tassels come in a variety of colors and combinations. From mono, dual, or tri-colored tassels, your graduation will not be complete without a tassels to adorn your cap. 

Some schools use tassel colors to indicate fields of study according to the American Council on Education’s code for academic dress. For example, light blue for education, orange for engineering or gold for science. Whatever your major, wear your tassel proudly to indicate your field of study.

For the high school graduate, our High School Graduation Tassels are the perfect accessory to your cap and gown. With over 15 different colors, an color combination can be customized to create a perfect color scheme for your school, organization, or club. Constructed from a durable poly/rayon blend, all of GraduationAttire’s tassels include a sturdy clasp to strengthen the structure and the current year is identified by a charm.

Make middle school graduation a breeze with our easy to order tassels. GraduationAttire carries a large selection of tassels in a variety of colors. Made from the highest quality fabric in the industry, our quality gowns and tassels come in a variety of colors and combinations. Choose from a single color, two color combination, or our popular three color red-white-and blue tassels.

Forget the hassle when ordering for your elementary graduation tassels. Attach these durable tassels to a raised button atop the quality graduation cap for every graduate. Give these young graduates a keepsake of their special day.