Collection: Graduation Honor Cords - High School Graduation Cords

Collection: Graduation Honor Cords - High School Graduation Cords

Graduation Honor Cords for High School Graduation and Honor Societies

What are Graduation Cords?

The graduation attire of a graduating student is etched into our memories. Every individual in their lives has a chance to graduate and wear an academic dress. It consists of a gown and a cap, and for the distinguished students, they get graduation cords. You might have not seen a graduation cord or heard of one, so what exactly are they?

Graduation cords are thin and colored ropes that come with bulb tassels on either end and are worn around the neck. These cords are given out to students in recognition of their academic honors, participation in various groups and clubs. There are color codes for graduation cords, these codes are determined by either the club or the school. The cords also vary for student distinctions. Students with cum laude, summa cum laude, and magna cum laude all have different kinds of graduation cords. Educational institutes can set their criteria for cord honors. If you are unaware of school policies and requirements, you should verify with your school authorities.

What is the meaning of High School Graduation Honor Cords?

A symbol of a student's achievements throughout their academic career, honor cords showcases the life of a student, from freshman year to the convocation day. Honor cords are given to students who accomplish a certain grade point average. For university students, the criteria are often their cumulative grade point average. You can also get honor cords for being a part of a particular society or a club. There is also another way to get honor cords, by graduating from a particular program or department from the university. Honor cords are worn during graduation by the members of society, sorority, club, or fraternity.

How to Wear an honor cords?

An honor cord is worn as a graduation accessory for your neck. You wrap it around your neck so that each side with the tassel hangs over your shoulder. Some double or triple-tied cords come with a knot in the middle for easier placement. To ensure that you face no mishaps and the cords look impeccable, use a safety pin to lock it to the back of your gown before you head to the ceremony.

Are the Ropes Worn at Graduation different?

The ropes worn by graduates at commencement are known as honor cords. These ropes are relatively small, measuring only a quarter of an inch in diameter. However, they can be 60-70 inches in length. The tassels on either end match the rope's color. They are worn to recognize the achievement of the students.

Graduation Cord, Color, Size and Type Options

Graduation Cord Size
The cords are available in three distinct styles and come in over 180 colors and can be combined to create unique cords. They are approximately 70 inches in length and 1/4th an inch in diameter. The tassels are 4 inches each in length and they make up 8 out of the 70 inches of the total length of the cord.

Graduation Cord Colors
There are multiple color options, over 180 of them! Some of the colors we have are unique such as gold graduation cords, antique gold, burnt orange, royal blue honor cords, navy blue, forest green, kelly green, rose pink, and silver. We also have very simple colors such as purple, yellow, orange, light blue, green, dark green, white, black, pink, red, and maroon. We can also make it according to the specific colors that the honor society uses.

Type Of Graduation Honor Cords

There are two distinctions; single color or twisted, and double tied or single tied. The distinction does not represent any formality or tradition. Each school or club may choose as per their preference. There is no distinction in price between the colors or braiding. However, double-tied cords are more expensive. Often graduation ceremonies distinguish their summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude awards with different types of honor cord worn around the neck during graduation. To better understand the types, we have explained each of them below.

  • Single: These cords are one color and one cord and the most commonly taken up orders.
  • Braided graduation cords (2 or 3 colors, 1 cord): while these may be single cords, they are made up of multiple colors and braided to look like one. Our most popular color options for this type are royal blue with gold, red, white & blue, red with black, red with silver, royal blue with white, red with black; black with red, gold with green, bright green with white, and black, red & gold.
  • Double-tied cords (2 cords, can be single, braided, or both): virtually any cord can be combined with another to get a double-tied cord. As they are made up of two, their cost is also double.