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Graduation Honor Cords - High School Custom Honor Cords

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Graduation Honor Cords for All Ceremonies and Honor Societies

An optional accessory, honor cords are often used to highlight those graduates that have gone above and beyond in their academic journey. Set these hardworking graduates apart with an honor cord for their official graduation ceremony.


Whether in gold or another color, graduation cords can indicate an honor such as cum laude, summa cum laude, and magna cum laude. In other colors, honor cords can coordinate with either our shiny or matte graduation gowns. These gorgeous, high quality accessories are an inexpensive way to recognize those who are being honored for a certain accomplishment during the ceremony. 

Faculty who wear honor cords indicate their faculty status. Deans and department chairs may choose to wear honor cords in contrasting colors to set them apart. Class officers may also want to wear special cords to indicate their distinct service. 

Honor society chapters have long recognized students who excel in academics, service, leadership, and extracurricular activities. They create a community of outstanding students who develop their academic, personal, and professional goals. They foster leadership and business skills by encouraging other students by holding workshops, promoting networking, and encouraging further education through scholarships.

Let all honor students stand out and be proud of their accomplishments with a special honor cord from GraduationAttire.