Collection: Graduation Medals - Salutatorian & Valedictorian Honor Medals

Collection: Graduation Medals - Salutatorian & Valedictorian Honor Medals

Graduation Medals and Academic Honor Medals for all Commencements

The feeling of graduating is unlike any other. A manifestation of your years of hard work. The feeling is intensified for students who receive special honors such as valedictorian and salutatorian. This is reserved for students who graduate first and second in their class. The graduation medallion is one of immense history, dating back to the 1800s. From caps and gowns to medals and medallions, the tradition of receiving special gifts for hard work prevails. Ordering medallions is typically done by the school on behalf of their students. However, there are exceptions such as private schools and charter schools. In these cases, parents may purchase graduation medallions for the student. This symbol of achievement and respect is a great way to celebrate a student's hard work and dedication.

Our Medallions

We offer medallions for the following honors:

Valedictorian Medal

Salutatorian Medal

Honors Medal

There are many ways to order. There are different colors to choose from, each corresponding to a specific group. If a student has completed at least 3 years of education in a specific field, they are eligible for graduation medallions. Their education does not need to be annually consecutive. Also, the student is not required to be enrolled in Career Academy. If the student's semester grade is a C average or higher for the course of their 3-year education, they are eligible and qualified.

As mentioned previously, the color of the ribbon will be used to represent a specific Career Academy.

Pink is for Performing Arts and Visual Arts

Purple is for Legal Academy

Burgundy is for Web Design

Orange is for Graphic Design

Royal Blue is for Computer Programming

Lavender is for Marketing

Furthermore, if a student is a member of extracurricular activities, groups and sports, they will also be awarded. These students will receive a medal and pin for their hard work and participation. Students are eligible assuming they have been involved in the activity/sport for at least 2 years and are in good standing. This includes being a committed attendee during meetings and events, good participation in fundraisers and good participation in competitions. Each medal will be specific for the group the student is a part of. The color of the ribbon will also indicate the specific group/ sports team. Medals are offered for the following groups and teams:

Art, Baseball, Basketball, Cheer-leading, Chess, Cross Country, Drama, Fencing, Fishing, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Spanish, Student Government, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling, Yearbook.

Graduation Attire’s same day ordering allows those who need elementary graduation medals same day ordering and shipping options for convenience. Personalize medals for graduation to honor those who have worked hard for an award or academic achievement earned. Purchase medals either on or offline. Save money and time when buying in larger quantities. Contact us today to start saving big on all your graduation products.

Middle school graduation medals allow graduates to have a keepsake that preserves their special day and achievement. Similar to our honor cords and stoles, the school medal can show an academic achievement such as valedictorian or honor graduate. Bulk ordering lets those purchasing medals for a large group to save money. If you need a special honor that is not listed, contact us today. We can make arrangements to get whatever medal you need.

High school graduation medals are a great way to reward an individual student for their prestigious achievement and are a pure symbol of accomplishment. Every medal is constructed of solid bronze-like medal.

College graduation medals come in 4 designs and are priced to meet your graduation needs. Adorned with a gold ribbon, the medals come in honor, salutatorian, or valedictorian engraving so that each graduate can be recognized according to their special achievement. With Old English font, the medals are engraved to make graduation a special day.

Kindergarten graduate medals are wonderful additions to the cap and gown packages and allow the little graduates to be honored in a special way. Each medal comes with a gold neck band and is impressive with an amazing bronze look. All of Graduation Attire’s medals are carefully designed to give each graduate a feeling of special accomplishment.