Collection: On-Sale Preschool & Kindergarten Kids Graduation Gowns

Collection: On-Sale Preschool & Kindergarten Kids Graduation Gowns

Kindergarten & Pre-School Graduation Gowns

Make your Kindergarten, Pre-K & Daycare graduation extra special by dressing your young graduates in real gowns for the ceremony. Not only will you enjoy a more cohesive and formal look, your students will get an idea of how important their accomplishments are to your school.

Each gown is a child sized version of our high quality gowns for adults and features all of the specifics that make GraduationAttire’s garments special. A full length zipper makes it easy for kids to get in and out of their gown on their own, while the durable fabric repels moisture and stains.

Each gown features full sleeves for comfort and a wide flowing hem that allows students to walk or climb stairs with ease. Our Kindergarten, Pre-K & Daycare gowns are available in a full range of colors so you can get just the look you want for the big day.

Our Kindergarten, Pre-K & Daycare Graduation Gowns feature:

  • Wide choice of colors and specialty fabric finishes
  • Finest quality fabrics and construction
  • Easy wear styling takes the guesswork out of getting ready
  • Unisex shape to fit and flatter both boys and girls