Collection: Faculty Graduation Regalia

Collection: Faculty Graduation Regalia

Faculty Academic regalia and graduation gowns for faculty members are ceremonial garments worn during academic ceremonies such as commencements, convocations, and hooding ceremonies. The regalia typically consists of a gown, hood, and headwear (such as a cap or mortarboard).

The gowns and hoods are typically made of high-quality materials, such as polyester or satin, and are decorated with intricate piping, braiding, and embroidery. The gowns come in different styles and colors, and the hoods are lined with the colors of the institution that awarded the wearer's degree.

For faculty members, wearing academic regalia during graduation ceremonies is a way to participate in a centuries-old tradition that recognizes their academic achievements and professional status. The gowns and hoods serve as symbols of the wearer's education and expertise, and as a reminder of their commitment to the ideals of scholarship, teaching, and research.

The wearing of academic regalia is also a way to show respect for the institution and the graduates, and to demonstrate a shared sense of pride and community among faculty members and students.

In summary, academic regalia and graduation gowns for faculty members are significant as they serve as symbols of academic achievement, professional status, and institutional pride, and are an important part of the tradition and ceremony of academic life.