Collection: Doctoral Tams - 4, 6, 8 Sided Graduation Tams

Collection: Doctoral Tams - 4, 6, 8 Sided Graduation Tams

What are Doctoral Tams / Graduation Tams

What is a doctoral tam? When you first receive your doctoral tam, wearing it might seem complicated because it never has a straightforward design. Nevertheless, you can put it on correctly using simple tips. Graduation means celebration, and it is one of your most crucial moments on campus. You cannot afford to let minor wardrobe confusions get in the way of your day.

How To Wear A Doctoral Tam

Before you learn how to wear your graduation tam correctly, you need to know how to differentiate tams according to their purposes. A graduation tam is a cap-like attire made from high-quality black velvet materials, designed with a soft spoof-like top. Unlike mortarboards that are square-shaped and used only for primary and secondary graduation, tams can take different shapes, and they are primarily used for higher-level ceremonies such as doctorate and masters graduation ceremonies.

Graduation tams are four, six, or eight-sided, and most of them have a gold bullion tassel attached to them. Faculty members wear different tams from students. Four-sided tams denote a bachelor's level, six-sided tams can represent either Masters or Ed.D. programs, and eight-sided tams are used for doctoral programs. You should always take note of the type of tam you want so that you don't make the mistake of wearing what does not denote your level of education. After confirming how many sides your tam should have, you need to pick the correct size.

A correct sized tam is essential since you will not want your tam covering your whole head, or hanging about your head whenever you move. Make sure that you take actual measurements of your head using a tape measure, then afterward, chose a tam the will hold on tight. Most tams have an elastic band around the head, which will improve the grip. Selecting the right size will give you a perfect fit and a natural look.

Wearing your Graduation Tam

The first step to wearing your tam is placing it on your head with one of its corners facing forward. The tip of its edge should draw a point right between your eyes. After that, you should adjust your tam from the top to have a slight tilt to your right. If your tam has a bullion tassel, you should rotate it so that it is on the left side of your head. The top of your tam should have a slight puff to it. After that, you will look fabulous. You are now ready to go out and celebrate your achievements with your family and friends.

Wearing your tam correctly is relatively easy. One essential factor that will differentiate you from the others is where you decide to purchase your tam. Graduation Attire offers the highest quality graduation tams that will help you to stand out even when your crowd is in uniform. We have uniquely designed graduation tams, and we will guide you on the best type and size for you in case of any doubts. Your graduation ceremony will mark one of your most significant accomplishments. Making sure that you look perfect during the ceremony will help you to have the most beautiful memories of your big day. Contact us today for the best quality and uniquely designed doctoral tams.

Doctoral and Masters tams are the most noticeable accessory during commencement ceremonies. Faculty and graduates alike wear these graduation caps with dignity and pride of their accomplishments. Each of our amazing caps is of the highest quality head wear for the doctoral graduate. GraduationAttire offers a variety of point styles and sizes to ensure a perfect fit for each graduate or faculty member.

Each velvet tam is created with a comfortable fit and solid construction. If needed, the Velvet College Tam includes a gold bullion tassel that is securely pinned at the peak of the top head area. 

 They also sport the following premium features:

  • Made from high quality velvet fabric.
  • Choose between a 4-sided tam, 6-sided tam and 8-sided tam.
  • Gold strand and bullion tassel included.

Getting this excellent doctorate tam is fast and easy at Graduation Attire. If you are in a rush, don’t worry! Our overnight delivery service can certainly reach you in no time. Order your deluxe doctorate tam here at an affordable price, and bask in the limelight of academic authority and dignity.