Collection: PhD & Doctoral Graduation Hoods

Collection: PhD & Doctoral Graduation Hoods

Elaborate Doctorate Academic Hoods for prestige and authority

Designed to convey an individual’s rank, discipline, and achievements, the graduation hood is unique to each graduate. Create a custom look for each graduate by correctly choosing the color code for each graduation hood.

Designed to be worn with any of our gowns, a graduation hood comes in a variety of colors. Many universities and colleges choose to use formal black for the gown, but choose to show the particular degree by the hood color. Our hoods are worn over the gown, but held securely in place by the clever shape and design details.

Made up of several different quality fabrics, our specialty graduation hoods pay fine attention to detail, style, and color placement. Faculty or graduates can wear hoods denoting their particular level of education and course of study.

Our Graduation Hood options include:

  • A full compliment of color to denote any discipline or field of study

  • Use of the highest quality fabrics to ensure durability

  • Ease of styling that allows for ease of wear

  • Fast and efficient delivery, plus 24/7 customer assistance guaranteed!

We make sure the items reach your door step with time to spare—all this at an affordable price! And you don’t have to stress out because we will deliver it right at your doorstep! Order yours with just a click!